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New normal

New Good

R-Buy offers a convenient way for anyone to buy responsibly without throwing away plastic package every time you buy.

We refill both natural and non-natural home care and personal care products to your reusable bottles.




I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things we could use.

Mother Teresa

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Smart Refill kiosk

No more plastic package waste!




R-Buy Smart Refill app help you search and reach near by refill kiosk. You can refill and reuse any empty bottle, any time as per your convenience. Pay only for the product not for the package.

One more step closer to zero waste!

Download refill app

Three simple step to sustainability

Now sustainability affordable and accessible to everyone.

Reach / Request

Search nearby refill kiosk, reach kiosk with your empty bottles.


Request in our app and let's reach your place.


Refill your empty bottles with your required products, required quantity.


Repeat your new good whenever you running out of products, Just top-up your container.

Download refill app

Order and get refilled at your doorstep

With Smart-refill app you no need to go refill kiosk always, you can order all your home care products and choose refill schedule to get delivered and refilled at you doorstep.

You get notified once Smart-Refill crew start towards your direction.

Keep ready with your empty bottles (Going out? No problem just keep your empty bottles outside the doors).

R-Buy Smart-refill gets your products refilled. No more hassle no more plastic package.



    Floor cleaner

    Toilet cleaner


Why you should choose Smart Refillâ„¢

Smart-Refill care about planet, people and we refill best products

  • Care for planet

  • We care planet as you. Single-use Plastics consume a huge amount of energy, water, and natural resources to serve a customer for just a few minutes. Some are recyclable downcyclable still quite wasteful. Others are hard and costly to recycle, frequently ending up dumped, burned, or littered. Finally these items can end up polluting our oceans, killing wildlife, and harming our ecosystems.

  • Care for people

  • We respect responsible customers and providers, and treat them as to be. Our vision is to make refilling as a default choice again for people by providing hassle free and convenient refill experience with the help of technology. We provide quality services for all our customers. If you need help, contact us.

  • Best Products, Best Price

  • We partnered with both natural and non natural laundry and home care products manufacturers who wish to offer their quality products via refill.

  • Download refill app

    Brands we refill

    Herbal StrategiEcoSwachh 3R from BRICSNixy from WanovaCare Clean

    We are bringing more brands to Smart-Refill. If you wish to suggest a brand, feel free to do so by simply clicking here to WhatsApp us +91-876-264-1691

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are the answers to most common questions

    When can I get access to smart-refill ?

    We are giving access to first come first serve basis. As soon as we enable access to you, you will get a notification in registered mobile and email. Register at the earliest to get you in front of the waiting list. 

    How can I know expiry of the refilled products?

    R-Buy Smart Refill supply chain is backed by block chain technology and IoT for traceability. Our aim is to reach the customer within a month of production to give you maximum shelf life at your hand once you refill. All laundry and home care products have minimum two years of expiry. However soon every customer can track the expiry of refilled products over the mobile app.

    What is the cost of refilled products?

    We are getting directly partnered with various quality products manufactures, Our goal is to refill quality products at 30% less costly than regular packaged products. You save money and environment on each refill.

    Plastic bottles are recyclable, what is the problem?

    Many people also think so, actually plastic can't be recycled into same quality plastic, it is downcycled limited number of times, finally it has to find a way to keep away from our eyes, but it is somewhere in the planet only. Still not convinced? more details

    Convenient and cost-effective way to refill and reduce plastic packages entering to your home.

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